STEM School is a formal education program, which develops STEM skills in students from Preschool through High School. This educational institution will have as its mission to promote STEM standards, and a quality education oriented to the optimal solution of problems or needs in the environments of graduating students. Connect school education with professional education and industry, thus guiding pedagogical, cultural, and especially sustainable entrepreneurship processes in accordance with the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

Snowy Cocuy

Tatacoa Desert

Villa de Leyva Desert

Peña de Huaika


Rover and Lander

STEM Rover and Lander is a camping program in places or natural parks (Snowy Cocuy, Tatacoa Desert, Villa de

Leyva Desert, Peña Huaika, Guajira Desert, among others) that aims to:

  • Knowledge and appropriation of environmental care.
  • Knowledge through activities in simulated environments with characteristics similar to the stellar objects of study.
  • Astronomy, Astrobiology, Astrogeology, Astrophysics, Aerospace Engineering, Archaeoastronomy, Earth Sciences, Geology, Biology, Physics, Robotics.


STEM Baby is an interactive and creative program that develops STEM skills in boys and girls from 0 to 5 years old.


STEM Scholar encourages the development of STEM skills at school. This program enhances the PEI (Institutional Educational Project), allowing institutions a connectivity with sustainable entrepreneurship, thus allowing the development of actions or activities to solve the problems of school environments.

The levels or ages that apply to this program are:

  • Preschool Pk-K-T (4-6 years old).
  • Elementary K1, K2, K3, K4, K5 (6 to 10 years old).
  • Middle School K6, K7, K8(10-13 years old).
  • High School K9, K10, K11, K12 (14 to 18 years old).


STEM U develops STEM skills in higher education (Undergraduate, Postgraduate). It promotes entrepreneurship and professional quality, in favor of the needs of the communities and the future.


STEM Teacher develops and prepares the new generation of STEM teachers, through a curriculum that will allow them to create lesson-appropriate Labs and inspire, engage, educate, and foster employability skills.


STEM women Inspires, engages, educates the new generation of women in STEM areas (Science, Technology, Enginnering, Math).

STEM 4.0+

STEM 4.0+ Educational program for the development of the STEM skills of the workforce of Industries, Government Institutions, Educational, Medical, Companies, Communities and associations. Strengthening its quality and management processes.


STEM Lab is a mobile laboratory, whose objective is to inspire STEM disciplines and develop skills through interactive activities with latest generation STEM systems.