Space Camp

An Experience for the life

Inspire, Engage, Educate, Employ

Space Camp® is a unique and unforgettable experience where you can work as a team on a space mission through scenarios where you will have to face real situations, solve problems and develop critical thinking techniques.

You will learn about spaceships, the history and future of space exploration.

Aviation Challenge® is a program inspired by the US Military Air Force and NASA. Through real simulator combat, combined with survival training scenarios and the development of teamwork, communication and leadership skills, all within the framework of NASA's STEM teaching system while having fun and learning!

Space Camp Robotics® is an experience where you can learn how to make your ideas come true using robots, technologies and developing solutions under NASA's STEM system to solve real problems.

You will work as a team to develop and test your own designs in air, land and water challenges.


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