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STEM Fest 2020

Innovation Challenge CanSat

The CANSAT COLOMBIA 2020 Innovation Challenge with the power of STEM Fest will be held on October 15, 16 and 17 with the participation of groups of contestants from Latin American Colleges, Institutes and Universities.

STEM Fest 2019

Inspire, Engage, Educate, Employ

STEM Fest, event held in the city of Bogotá DC, on March 29 and 30, 2019 at the facilities of the Modern Gymnasium. The agenda started with the videoconference from Sonny Carter Training Facility – NASA Neutral Bouyancy Lab, with the participation of Craig Shannon and his team. Then Telefonica Movistar, Festo, The CCB, Microsoft, IBM, HRD Org, motivated the students with STEM Inspire presentations. The day on the 29th ended with interactive workshops, on the 30th the presentation of the STEM challenges and the Pitch, allowed to reward the best projects (1st Place – Colegio Empresarial de los Andes, 2nd Place – Modern Gymnasium, 3rd Place – Colegio Luigui Pirandello ).