STEM Education


About Us

EdSTEM Pro Tx Adventures LLC, is a STEM-based educational innovation entity.

Our company was born in Houston, TX in 2000, thanks to a school project “CLUB NASA”, which was framed in developing STEM competencies in the areas of Astrobiology, Astronomy, Archaeo-Astronomy, Space Sciences, Robotics, Electronics, Mechanics, Technical Drawing, Technology and Science Computers, Science Earth, Technology, Sustainable Ecology, The SDGs.

Our Mission: To develop STEM skills in children, youth and available workforce in order to empower people with values (Safety, Respect, Integrity, Teamwork, Balance, Innovation, Excellence).

Our Vision: To be the leading company in STEM Education by 2022, and everything related to space science. Allowing us to empower and empower future generations with STEM skills in favor of solutions to environmental problems. Connected all this with the SDGs.